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deep thoughts in 100x100 pixels

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Icons by Splagxna, for the purpose of not spamming FL.

The Rules are very simple:
1. Free to whoever wants 'em.
2. Do not redistribute or claim as your own.
3. Credit Required, Comment Appreciated, Feedback Adored.

On Requests
Please make requests; I like playing with this stuff but need inspiration!


I use zillions of other people's brushes, textures, etc. Words cannot express my gratitude and admiration - both for their talents and their generosity. Here is a list of anyone whose resources I've used.

Wins OMG Yayy!!1!!1!!!!1

Won Best Show of Emotion, utena_hush, week 95: faceless collage

won 3rd place, utena_hush, week 96: unusual outfits

won most original, utena_hush, week 98: smoke & ice

won first place, utena_hush, week 99: lyrical hush (rinbu revolution)

won second place, utena_hush, week 99: lyrical hush (rinbu revolution)

won mod's choice, furuba_hush, week 66: black space